Regional networks

Taikusydän has fourteen regional networks for arts, culture and well-being in Finland. The regional networks develop solutions for planning, producing and financing arts and culture in different settings, such as in elderly care, youth work, social work, hospitals and communities. Each regional network has a local contact person who coordinates the operation of the regional network.

The regional networks include municipalities, cities, educational institutions, hospital districts, artists’ associations, representatives of the social welfare and healthcare sector, third-sector operators, regional councils, art institutes and project representatives. Due to the substantial regional differences in organizing and implementing activities related to cultural well-being, the operations of the regional networks differ considerably.

Tasks of the regional networks:

  • sharing knowledge about arts, health and well-being and developing cooperation in their area
  • promoting long-term, multidisciplinary cooperation between professionals in the arts, social welfare, healthcare and educational sectors
  • identifying the strengths and development needs of the area
  • engaging the local key operators
  • bringing together people and organisations interested in arts, health and well-being
  • sharing experiences, expertise and best practices with their local operators and other regional networks.